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You have reached the UK's leading locksmith supplier. We stock a huge range of products with tonnes of information, images and useful guides so that you find the right product for your needs.

Our store contains high quality locksmith tools, also including a massive range of the basics and the extras that all locksmiths must have. We have the latest locksmith tools and accessories that are designed and manufactured by all of the top rated brands in the world. Our tools are designed for domestic or industrial doors and locks and also can be used in several vehicle applications as typically used by auto locksmiths and auto engineers. We source the very best locksmith tools and ship directly to our customers, primarily in the UK, but also Europe and Worldwide!

Lock Picks & Lock Picking Sets

Cassez Locksmiths supply the biggest range of lock picks and lock picking tools within the UK. We supply a whole range from budget lock pick sets, pen lock pick sets, KABA pick sets, credit card lock picks, Goso lock picks, Klom lock pick sets, Majestic lock pick sets, Champion lock pick sets, jackknife lock picking sets, individual lock picks and also lock picking accessories. We have it all covered, our extensive range also includes lock picking equipment, car lock picks, mortice lock picks and padlock picks.

Car Picks & Tools

Stocking a huge range of tried and tested car auto entry tools, we have the latest and most updated Lishi tools. Everything from overlifters, jiggler keys, key extractors, slim jims, inner grove picks, air wedges, tension tools, rakes, Ford tibbe picks, decoders, key cutters to endless accessories.

Cylinder Picks & Tools

With one of the largest range of cylinder tools available anywhere in the world – we are sure that you will find exactly what you require. A massive range of lock picking sets, snapper bars, lock pick guns and so. Supplying an extensive range of key extractors, lock decoders for locks such as Abloy, Abus, Multilock and also unique lock pick sets for many brands. Additionally, you will find jiggler keys, cross pick sets, tubular picks. Furthermore, we stock high quality tension tools, impressioning tools, repining tools and many many accessories.

Mortice Picks & Tools

Padlock Picks & Tools

Bump Keys & Tools

Bypass Tools

Practice & Training Aids

Master Keys

Approved Locksmiths

We have an extensive list of approved locksmiths in each area throughout the UK. Usually we supply direct to these locksmiths, but we also only approve properly trained and qualified locksmiths and therefore you will find that the lists are fairly short.

With the above criteria being fully met, we are pleased to recommend our latest approved locksmith Nottingham called JT Auto Security. They have met all our required criteria, frequently buy products that we stock and all staff have undergone accredited training within the UK. They have numerous positive reviews about work carried out and thus we are happy to list them as an approved locksmith within the Nottingham area.